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Things To Know Before Buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Adulteration- Something that is commonly found in foods and drinks nowadays. Discovering and finding food items that are pure and unadulterated has become a task for all of us. A rather serious and dangerous problem that we face on a daily basis- be it vegetables, pre-packed food items, dairy items, food oils and many other things that we consume every day. Food adulteration is usually subtracting some of the major ingredients and adding something mixed and impure in it. It’s not fair to give the full amount of money for adulterated and impure foodstuff. Maintaining and developing the quality of food items should be the foremost step to improve the overall health of the people.

The same thing happens when someone goes to the supermarket to purchase olive oil- so many colours, countless number of fancy bottles, fancy bottles, which is the best one, which one to take? If you are too confused and overwhelmed before buying the right quality of extra virgin olive oil, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Extra Virgin Olive oil- a star ingredient is drizzled over pasta, salads, and vegetables, used for marination and to make many other delectable food items. People are becoming more and more conscious about their olive oil purchases nowadays, they look for early harvest and mature harvest olive oils as a part of their buying rituals.

Buying the perfect quality extra virgin olive oil can be tricky! So let’s have a look at the types of extra virgin olive oil to get some clarity. Early harvest EVOO is made from the goodness of unripped olives which are greenish and yellowish. This type of EVOO is more valuable and worth the money as it contains the richness of antioxidants which has extra-low acidity with amazing aromatic flavours. On the other hand, mature harvest extra virgin olive oil is made from olives that turn into purple and black colour. This type of olive oil is floral, less bitter and reduced polyphenol content. So what things one should keep in mind before buying extra virgin olive oil?

Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing amongst the best olive oil brands with amazing quality standards from the shelf of supermarkets can be challenging sometimes. Here are some things that we need to keep in mind before buying extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Look for dark bottles- Olive oil can be affected adversely and get spoilt when exposed to sunlight, heat and extreme oxygen. After buying extra virgin olive oil, it is stored in a cold and dark place so that the aromas and flavours don’t get evaporated. Using and storing olive oil in the right way is an art that should be mastered by everyone. Usually, the best brands of olive oil use dark bottles as they know how much it can affect the oil’s longevity and flavours.
  2. Always observe “best by” on olive oil bottles- Every food item, pre-packed stuff and oil have a “best by” date which lets the customer know its expiry date so that they can use it accordingly before that. Similarly, every type of olive oil has a “harvested on” or “best by” date which tells the customer about the date on which olives were harvested. After opening the dark bottle of olive oil, one should use it within two to three months as it deteriorates soon once exposed to air. Keeping that in mind, customers must purchase the olive oil bottle according to their needs.
  3. Brand reputation- One of the most important things that customers should consider when buying any type of olive oil is to look at the reputation of its brand. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most adulterated food items available in the markets because of its limited supply and high demand all over the world. Most of the brands selling olive oil are substandard and manipulated with their quality. One of the most trusted brands is Olister which offers supreme quality extra virgin olive oil (early harvested and mature harvested) with rich tastes, flavours and aromas. With UVAG glass protection and the richness of 100% first season natural cold-pressed olives, Olister offers the best extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Cold-pressed- Cold-pressed is a method used to make olive oil to preserve the abundance of aromas and flavours in the oil. Retaining the actual flavours of olives is important so that the olive oil can be drizzled and sprinkled over food items to give 100% accurate and fresh seasoning. That is the reason, people prefer buying extra virgin olive oil as it is made from 100% natural cold-pressed olives.
  5. Amount of polyphenols in olive oil- Polyphenols are naturally found compounds in olives that have various health benefits. It helps in boosting the digestive system, enhances mental health, and offers protection against heart diseases, certain types of cancers and type-2 diabetes. Polyphenols available in extra virgin olive oils reduce inflammation, working as an anti-oxidant so that no damage is done to the body’s blood cells. Extra virgin olive oil offered by Olister contains 250 polyphenols which is a sign of good quality early harvest and mature harvest olive oil.

Tapping into the goodness and richness of olive oil can make your life extra healthy. Go through all the labels and dates before buying any type of olive oil as it is important to know about the food oils that we are using on a daily basis. Considering the brand’s reputation is a crucial aspect as well. An exemplary and a necessity in the kitchen nowadays, extra virgin olive oil has many health benefits which is the major reason why people are shifting from normal oil to EVOO.

Olister- an olive oil brand that offers high-quality extra virgin olive oil with 100% natural cold-pressed olives. Our oil contains 250 polyphenols with an abundance of anti-oxidants and rich aromas that would convert your boring foods into something amazing and flavourful. Also, we have taste lock caps on our extra virgin olive oil bottles which do not need any separate containers. It helps in keeping the flavours and aromas rich and fresh so that you can relish the olive oil in your food at your convenience.