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The quality of the olives, how ripe they are when picked, how they are stored before milling, how long they are kept between picking and milling, how the oil is extracted, and how the oil is stored are all elements to consider. To obtain a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, each of these variables must be addressed to the best of their abilities.

These are anti-oxidant compounds that, sometimes more than vitamin E, help to slow down oxidation, or the ageing of our cells. Their flavour is slightly harsh and pungent, as high-quality oils should be. They are abundant in nature: in addition to oils, they are present in fruit, particularly grapeskins, where they are the pigments that give grapes their colour.

Early Harvest Olive Oil is ideal for Italian, Mediterranean, salads, and cold meals, whilst Mature Harvest Olive Oil is ideal for Indian cuisine.