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Is Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For Hair?

Olive Oil For Hair

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Post-pandemic, people have become more health-conscious and are shifting towards healthier and active lifestyles. We all know what this pandemic did with our natural growth and development. People who have gone through different covid variants faced many difficulties during and post this disease. One of the major issues that they faced was extreme damage and hair loss. A few months after this disease, hair loss became more noticeable than ever. Now, in order to cope with this hair damage, people started using DIY hair masks, improved their overall diet and made a few changes in their lifestyle as well.

Starting from eating healthy and exercising to taking care of their skin and hair on a daily basis, people have become more health-conscious. One thing that most people shifted to, was olive oil. Now people may know very little about this wondrous oil, and even less about the different kinds of olive oils but it is crystal clear that it has wealthy health benefits that none of the normal oil possesses. Made with the richness and goodness of olives, olive oil is approximately 3000 years old. It is made by grinding and crushing olives by extracting its oil and making it pure. An impressive pack of antioxidants and healthy nutrients, olive oil for hair can be used for repairing damage and as a skin moisturiser and also can be used for cooking. It brings a silky and smooth texture to hair, leaving it shiny and resilient at the same time. The underlying benefits of olive oil for hair have made it the first choice in almost every household. Extra virgin olive oil is even better than pomace olive oil due to the abundance of nutrients it possesses. Made with the goodness of cold-pressed and pure olives, extra virgin olive oil is not only used for roasting, frying or sautéing but also for the proper and healthy growth of hair. It definitely stacks up against other cooking oils because of its unlimited health benefits. The least processed olive oil, EVOO is considered the healthiest cooking oil. Is there any other cooking oil with this many benefits as EVOO? With a number of wealthy health benefits, it is also used as a cosmetic product, improves the quality of hair by reducing hair fall and is used in making soaps as well. So, is extra virgin olive oil really good for hair or not? Let’s have a look at its amazing benefits!

Benefits Of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Hair-

  1. Nourishment and conditioning of hair- Early harvest extra virgin olive oil is known for its antioxidant properties, it nourishes and revitalises the quality of hair, taking away all the dryness. It reduces breakage and increases the texture of hair by adding some volume to it.
  2. Helps with split ends- Most people nowadays, are dealing with split ends which reduces the quality of hair and makes it look damaged, brittle and frayed. Not only due to epidemics but extreme weather conditions and stress can also be the contributing factor to hair breakage and loss. Applying olive oil twice a week and massaging your scalp properly with it can reduce the split ends to a greater extent.
  3. Softens your hair- Leaving olive oil for a maximum of 20 minutes on hair before hair washing, can do wonders for your hair. Try it to soften your hair and get the results instantly. You can always use different ingredients like honey with olive oil according to the texture of your hair for a better result.
  4. Makes your hair more manageable- Most people style their hair more often, which causes extra damage to it, leaving them frizzy and wavy. People try many hair products and end up disappointed. So, then why don’t you give olive oil a try and see the amazing results. Olive oil for hair brings life and leaves it sparkly. It surely removes the dullness and nourishes your hair properly.
  5. Adds strengths to your hair- Olive oil has the goodness of nutrients which adds strength and volume to your hair. Adding ingredients like cinnamon and honey mixed with olive oil makes it the perfect DIY hair mask. It prevents damage and helps with the regrowth of your hair.
  6. Removes dandruff- Most amazing benefit of using olive oil for hair is that it removes dandruff which is the root cause of hair damage and hair loss.

With the antioxidants properties of extra virgin olive oil for hair is that, it is most beneficial for dry and frizzy as it moisturises the scalp, leaving it healthy and nourished. It’s been ages that this oil has been used not only for cooking but for making soaps, as a moisturiser and for improving the quality of hair. There are many ways through which you can use olive oil and apply it to your hair. The DIY hair masks of olive oils are really amazing and are easy to make at home. Extra virgin olive oil promotes healthy hair and growth, reduces hair fall to an extent and has a binding factor that makes the scalp stronger. It has antifungal properties that act as a moisturiser, stimulating hair  growth and production.

Olister’s early harvest olive oil is specially harvested earlier due to the richness provided by the olives at the beginning of the harvest period. Greeks, Romans, and other ancient civilizations used olive oil for bathing and skincare long before the advent of soaps and moisturisers. Even Cleopatra used olive oil in her hair and on her skin.

If you are planning on using olive oil for cooking or for your hair and skin, then get its best quality from Olister which focuses on the goodness of olive oil.