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Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For Baby Massage?

Olive Oil for Baby Massage

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Many ballads have been sung about baby massages and their numerous benefits. Olive Oil for baby Massage is a great way to bond with them. These massages are alluring and a delightful way to enhance your little ones’ growth and development. Popular for decades all over the world, baby massages soothe aches and loosen tightness in muscles, leading to a relaxed time. While this trend is still carried out in almost every household, the choice of oil has been changed.

Every parent wants to provide the best of everything to their kids. Even before your little one was just a twinkle in your eyes, you wanted to give all-natural and chemical-free treatment to them. Talking about baby massages, it is a tradition that is followed everywhere. A baby’s feather-like skin needs the right amount of nutrition to stay healthy and soft. The skin of your little ones is gentle and delicate which is why it is important to use the right olive oil for baby massage oil that will provide enough supple and softness and clear all skin problems. And do you know which oil has been rated the most effective and best for baby massages? Extra virgin olive oil. It should be your first choice, considering the benefits and amounts of minerals that this oil consists of.

Benefits Of Using EVOO For Baby Massages

Apart from the many health benefits that extra virgin olive oil, it is great for baby massages as well. And here’s why every parent should choose this oil for their little ones’ massages.

  1. Appropriate for all weather conditions- Great news for all the moms out there! One of the biggest advantages of using extra virgin olive oil for baby massage is that it is like a moisturiser suitable for all types of weather that can be used on your baby’s skin. There are many oils that can only be used during specific weather like summers or winters, otherwise, it could harm the skin of your baby. Olive oil adds the perfect amount of lustre and softness to your little ones’ skin, giving them the most relaxed time of their lives. The only thing that should be kept in mind while using olive oil for baby massage is the right quantity as it can be a bit heavy on the skin that needs less moisturiser. Just remember this and you are good to go.
  2. Helps with constipation- Rubbing the perfect amount of extra virgin olive on your little ones’ stomachs gently can help them with the problem of constipation. It prevents the formation of gas which can ultimately help the baby. The only thing that should be kept in mind is to not take on the massages right after feeding the child as it would lead to vomits and would affect baby’s health.
  3. Prevents rashes and allergies- Giving massages of extra virgin olive oil on the genitals and buttocks of the baby reduces the rashes and allergies caused by using diapers. Using the right quantity of EVOO on the baby’s private parts can help prevent rashes in future as well. As the skin of your little one is soft and prone to allergies, EVOO must be used to stop these rashes and allergies.
  4. Promotes sleep- Massages are considered one of the best ways to relax the body. If you ever find any trouble putting your baby to sleep, then go for a long, relaxing olive oil for baby massage.
  5. Maintain your baby’s skin tone with EVOO- Extra virgin olive oil has excellent regenerative properties which not only maintain your little ones’ skin tone but also provide enough moisture and softness to it.
  6. A perfect hair health supplement- Extra virgin olive oil is the best supplement for your baby’s hair growth. It not only fastens the growth but also makes the hair look shiny and lustrous.

With the perfect blend of moisture and nutrients, extra virgin olive oil benefits your little ones’ skin from tip to toe. It provides great nourishment to your baby’s skin, helping them give a relaxed time. Getting high quality and affordable extra virgin olive oil can be difficult, as there are many factors that one should consider before buying it.

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