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How to Identify Real Olive Oil?

Olive oil is in our lives with all its generosity. An ancient friend of human health. It has been representing peace, well-being, healing, beauty, taste and pleasantness for many years.

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Beautiful things have always been imitated. It was said, “imitations keep the originals alive“. But when it is about health, imitations can spoil health. Oils can also be imitated like many valuable products that nature provides us. Let’s take a look at the truth of olive oil together, not to miss the real things from the kitchens.

First of all, we have to pay attention to purchasing processes. Olive oil is healing and strong enough to create its own miracle, but it’s also pure. That’s why suitable conditions should be created for oils.

* We have to stay away from buying olive oils in the light-coloured plastic glasses on the roadsides. We should prefer buying oils that have a brand name, and the necessary production permits have been obtained.

* When we look at the real olive oil price policy, there is a lower cost of obtaining the product. We have no chance to find a real product below this Turkish Lira value. For this reason, we can understand without buying, smelling, and tasting that low-priced olive oils are not real.

* Olive Oil has many kinds of colours according to its nature. So, it can not be possible to understand if it is pure or not by looking at its colour.

* Colour differences can occur even according to the type of trees and the picking periods.

We can try understanding its reality at our homes by
applying some tests.

Olive oil is made by grinding olives and crushing them to extract its paste which is carried out through a centrifugation process to separate the oil. This separated oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks so that it is properly protected from oxygen and sunlight. Then it is bottled into a dark container to keep it fresh.

Though extra virgin olive oil is produced differently as it is cold-pressed from ripe olives mechanically, without any heat or chemicals. This is the reason, EVOO is said to have the most powerful health benefits as it preserves compounds like phenols.

Olive oil is refined from natural olives, giving it a distinct flavour that is rich in antioxidants and is suitable for seasoning. It carries the flavour and relishes the dish by providing a pleasing feel in the mouth and satisfying the appetite of people. The best part about this oil is that it will enhance the savoury, without even leaving you guilty because of its extraordinary health-boosting properties.

Key Points of a Good Olive Oil

* Olive oil has a fruity taste and smell. Depending on the variety, this ratio may increase or decrease; but even in the lower limit, for real olive oil it’s very specific and special.
* When you taste it, the aroma of the oil fills your entire mouth, and you start to taste the bitter taste of the oil towards your nasal. This taste disappears in a short time. The product may not be fresh, pure or real; if its bitter taste does not disappear and the burning sensation continues until your stomach.
* There are a few properties that should remain in your palate when olive oil is told. The fruity taste and bitter taste it leaves in the mouth and the burningness that will disappear quickly.